FAQs: Wax

Q: Is it possible to get a full body wax?

A: Absolutely, nut waxing is an a la carte service, so you will be charged for each area.

Q: Do you offer Brazilian waxing?

A: Yes, for female clients only. Please have your hair length trimmedto about the length of grain of rice. If you are sensitive to waxing please let the therapist know, so pre and post care recommendations can be given.

Q: Does your spa do sugaring or threading?

A: We only offer soft and hard wax options at this time. Sugaring is similiar to soft wax and we are able to use tweezers for those that are sensitve to wax. Additional time and charges my apply for tweezing.

Q: What type of wax do you use?

A: We use nufree soft wax which is a soy based wax and doesn't harbor any bacterial or mold growth. We also use starpil hard wax, which allows the wax to grip the hair with less pull on the skin. The therapist will select the best option for your hair type and sensitivies.

Q: Do you double dip?

A: Although our soft wax has been clinically tested not to harbor any bacteria from cross comtamination, we still do not double dip. We use disposible applicators to apply wax one time only, so we don't "double dip."