BKIND - Body Lotion - Coconut & Lavender

Soft, light and nourishing, our body lotion will moisturize the skin deeply while leaving a non-greasy and silky finish. With lavender extract and natural coconut aroma for a soft, sweet, heartwarming scent. WHY I AM KIND Instead of being water-based like most popular body lotions, our lotion is made from Aloe Vera. In fact, water is used as a filler and dries the skin. Instead, we decided to use powerful natural ingredients that provide many benefits to the skin. Also, this product, like any other BKIND product, is designed and made here in Montreal. We only use the finest natural ingredients that provides the most benefits for the skin and our products are always cruelty-free! HOW TO USE Press the pump 1 or 2 times and apply the body lotion with thin layers. For a better skin penetration, apply the lotion a couple of minutes after the shower.

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