Our starter kit for the perfect start as #FAYKEBABE! The set contains our #FAYKEBABE magnetic eyelashes and our magnetic eyeliner. #FAYKEBABE is a whispy, full & natural magnetic lash. Pimp your natural lashes with this all time favorite. This light eyelash style with whispy accents adapts perfectly to your natural eyelash look and gives your eye shape a fresh, eye-catching look. No glue, no make-up skills needed! In combination with our magnetic eyeliner you can easily attach the eyelashes in seconds. 1 'Faykebabe' magnetic eyelash 1 'magnetic eyeliner' (bottle content 4.9ml // 100ml / 406.12€) Length of eyelashes: 6-17mm Eyelash band width: 30mm Handmade synthetic eyelashes 100% cruelty-free 5 magnets per eyelash for maximum hold Up to Reusable up to 30 times Not tested on animals - No animal hair - 100% synthetic

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