Magnum Solace - Nighttime Magnesium Cream


  • SOOTHE SORE MUSCLES & JOINTS - Our magnesium cream is formulated with mineral-rich Dead Sea Salts, namely magnesium. For thousands of years, many have journeyed to the Dead Sea for its healing properties.
  • APPLY AT NIGHTTIME BEFORE BED – Follow this tip and you’ll be on your way. Consistent, nightly use of the topical magnesium chloride cream is recommended to get the most magnesium absorption.
  • FAST ABSORBING - You get 100% absorbable elemental magnesium delivered directly to the cellular level through skin. It requires no further processing by your body.
  • TOPICAL MAGNESIUM CREAM WORKS - It's considered to be one of the best natural remedies for sore muscles & various bodily aches. High concentration of 250 mg magnesium per tsp.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS, FORMULATED & MADE IN USA - we originally made this for our family to be safe for our kids to use - it's been crafted with that in mind and now we want to share the benefits with you

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